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“Renew your home”


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Each change of season brings with it changes in our daily lives and also in our homes. It seems that the good weather finally arrives, the long hours of sunshine, the rise in temperatures … in short, spring is here and it is time for you to prepare your home for the occasion.

Spring brings light and color to homes to make them shine brighter, taking advantage of the fact that we can enjoy more hours of sunshine. It is a good time to change the clothes of the house for translucent materials that let in the rays of light. Opt for rustic blinds, white curtains, mosquito nets, fringed curtains and cotton covers.

This year, let’s be bold in tablecloths, upholstery and bedding: choose blues, reds, lilacs, fuchsias, acid greens, oranges… strong colors that give joy and energy to our home. However, if we want to escape from stridency, the earth colors and pale yellows can also highlight the light of the rooms, making the most of spring.


Table services are essential to brighten the house at every meal. We recommend that you decide on bright colors, with pieces of one color or two, and the transparency of the glass, always very elegant and bright.


Regarding the objects of decoration, we propose geometric shapes, either spherical or straight lines. Vases, there is no doubt, can not be missed, always full of flowers, dried or fresh, that bring the fragrances and colors of nature to your own home.


And if you want to give a real new air to your home, we encourage you to paint the walls with white, yellow or beige. Always leave the walls free, so that the light can flood the rooms in the central hours of the day.


For spring to enter your home, the most important thing is the bright and bright colors in all the house clothes, diaphanous rooms, textiles and natural materials, rustic and minimalist styles and a lot of imagination are the keys you need for this season.



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