The distribution of space in your home

distribucion del espacio en tu hogar

The distribution of space in your home

Taking advantage of the available meters is today one of the most important tasks of the designer and interior designer uses the space properly and intelligently.

One-bedroom homes

There are more and more houses that bring together various functionalities kitchen dining room living room coexist with a barely hidden bedroom. Perhaps only parts of the bathroom are hidden. In this case, multifunctional low furniture is appropriate. Small side tables, beds to sit storage spaces with wheels that function as a table, roofs used.

The entrance of the house to the home

If until now these spaces are usually dispensed with to gain a few meters, today they have been recovered we see again receiving corridors and even in our home. Its decoration must be agreed with the rest of the home.

The living room at the heart is the heart of the home

If you have a corridor, bring it to the kitchen door, place the living area, sofas and a reading area as close as possible to the windows. This room is the most important of the house: try to make the most of it.

The chef’s kitchen …..

Here we find basically three preparation areas, cooking and cleaning or scrubbing area, i.e. kitchen, refrigerators, sink. The latter should be the vertex a triangle having one side the kitchen and the other, the refrigerator. If the kitchen is large, the distance between each area should be between 125 and 210 centimeters place the furniture in line, U, or L, with or without island.

The room, to rest

The key to the distribution of this room is comfort. Look for the greatest sense of spaciousness you can, achieve even at the cost of reducing the bottom of the cabinets of 60 cm or dispensing with conventional tables. Do not forget to leave about 50 cm on each side of the bed to do it. If possible, transform a space, no matter how small it is, into a dressing room

Make the most of the bathrooms

In these rooms you must adapt to the facilities of the house: the distance from the toilet to the downspout should not exceed one meter although you can study other solutions such as electric models. Make the most of the space with coated work shelves as well as the wall.

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