The power to set goals

The power to set goals.
Mark Victor Hansen wrote a book called “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” That first edition was extremely successful and has been followed by a whole series of related titles that have sold millions and millions of copies. At first no publisher opted for the book, so it goes without saying that the decision made by the publisher that finally published them, became multimillionaire, since it was the only one to assume the risk of publication. The first check they received after three months of sales was $1,130,338.35.
In a lecture given by Mark Victor and Jack, his collaborator, they explained that a key factor in the success of the book was that the two set out to do five things a day that were aimed at achieving the goal of selling many copies. They undertook five daily actions to promote the work, whether it was contacting a radio station for an interview, sending the book to someone important, calling bookstores to sell it, contacting companies or looking for advertising. Imagine, whatever business you have, if every day you did five small things aimed at getting more customers, you would increase your sales. Jack, Mark’s collaborator, said the success was equivalent to knowing the combination of the padlock that opens its doors. If you know the combination, the vault door opens and you get the success.
Most people will never know the combination of the padlock to be able to open it. They never learn the system, what the numbers are even though they are explained how that lock is opened and the numbers come in an attached glossary. But there are those who have the formula for success. For example, the billionaire and very successful businessman, J. Paul Getty, said that the formula for success consisted of three steps:
1.Get up early
2.Work hard
3.Find oil.
Obviously, that formula was only worth it to him who lived in the oil zone, but our “black gold”, the client, is also on the street, find it. In Jack’s latest book, titled “The Success Principles,” he says there are 64 principles for success. Even Jack himself recognizes that there are too many and that many of them will never be put into practice by most people, but that some will, and with putting into practice a few success can surely be achieved. However, it is important that the famous saying of another motivator named Jim Rohm is understood: “You cannot hire anyone to do the exercises for you.” In other words, to achieve success, it is you who have to apply the principles. The first principle Jack mentions in his book: Take 100% responsibility for your life. Jack gives a very interesting formula in the book: E + R = O, which would be E (Events) + R (Answer) = O (Results, which in English is the O of Outcome).
Example: “If I give you €500 and you invest it in a deposit, you will have $512 a month. The event (E) was that I gave him the €500, his response (R) was to save the money in a deposit and the result (O) was to have more money than I gave him. If I give him 500 euros and he spends it on a party, he will no longer have the 500 euros, there was an event: 500€ that I gave him, there was an answer: spend them on a party, and because of that reaction, there was a result. ” That is, before the same event there may be different types of response and depending on it, there will be different results. Unleash the power to set goals. Set measurable, timed goals. In other words, what you want and by what date. It is known that only 10% of people have clear and defined goals, measurable with a date of having achieved them. It is also known that 10% of people control 90% of the world’s wealth. Coincidence?

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