in your home

The most common and most developed application of home automation is
Find in the garage, in this sense there are many mechanisms that
They help improve safety and quality of life in this instance.
The garage door can be a kind of roller shutter or
Folding whose automation system can be absolutely controlled by means of a home automation method. In this way, with a
Radio frequency control of the most conventional can be activated to
Distance the door to raise and lower it. Among the main advantages
that presents this system is found that the automatic download time is at all times controlled, so if the photocell
installed appreciates any obstacle, the door stops the process of
Descent and go back up. Once the obstacle leaves the space of the door free, it begins to descend again. Therefore,
The system ‘knows’ the current status of the door at all times.
Safety first
People interested in home automation applications in such a specific area, such as security and quality of life, place special emphasis on the care of the garage that is becoming a
of the housing facilities that demand the greatest protection,
Because it is one of the areas that can cause more misgivings.
Thus, in the market you can find an extensive catalog of mechanisms and systems to control and monitor any area of the house.
In this section, the presence and access detectors stand out, which
They allow to warn the user about any type of incident. These
Technologies offer the possibility of observing the output of one’s own
garage from the inside, regardless of whether some of them
incorporate an added element such as night vision, ideal
for garages with little light.
Another device that can benefit from applications
Home automation lies in the detector of gas and monoxide leaks
of carbon, very useful because they warn the owner of the house through
of the mobile phone.
Digital communication experts dedicated to the digital home
They also highlight the need to enhance personal safety in
housing. Thus, the incorporation of a home automation system of remote surveillance, which integrates remote control, viewing of cameras, reception
of images and sound on both the computer and the mobile, between
Other functions, allows that from any point of the geography the
owner or anyone with authorization has the possibility to
to enter the surveillance system via the Internet, and control
cameras and their movements.
The so-called ‘electronic guardian’ is also very useful for
have under control the smallest of the home, as well as the
elderly who require care and specific attention. The operation of this device sends an alert through an ‘SMS’
or call the mobile of the client in question if the system does not detect
Movement inside the house for a period of time
The latest technologies are focused on achieving maximum security in our homes.
Home automation is very common in newly built homes. This technology is mainly applied to achieve greater security in our home.

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