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The origin of the loft lies in the old shopping areas and
industrialists of New York, specifically in the neighborhood of Soho, in the
The 70s. In our country it did not begin to know what lofts were until
Early 90s. Little by little they have become popular,
Especially among the youngest, who are attracted by its aesthetics
industrial, for the feeling of freedom that open surfaces give and
bright and for the possibilities they have when it comes to distributing spaces. And for this reason, today it is one of the most demanded properties.
Lofts are characterized by their straight lines, which define the space. The
most characteristic materials are concrete (also for the floor),
brick, wood (both provide warmth) or iron and steel, typically industrial. One of the things that make them attractive is their luminosity, so a loft will have to have large windows and ceilings.
very high, something that will also allow great possibilities at the time
to decorate. The colors are usually cool, with grays, blues and
Especially white, but vanilla, earth or bone tones are also used.
The decoration of a loft is always associated with simplicity, minimalism, with furniture integrated into the architectural design. The exposed beams (already
whether of wood or steel) are also characteristic elements of
these spaces.
The large windows, the common rooms (they always have kitchenette) and the absence of walls and corridors guarantee enough natural light,
But in any case there are little “tricks” to make it seem like
One of the fundamental advantages of the loft is the height. In fact, take out
Match at the height is always the best solution to optimize to the maximum
space. Therefore, it is common in lofts to create attics or upper floors,
open to the ground floor, where the office is usually located
and the bedroom and sometimes also the bathroom.
Duplexes and lofts are becoming more and more fashionable. Spacious and bright spaces that allow you to create environments
Modern and minimalist differentiated.
Duplex homes are also a highly demanded type of housing, especially
All duplex penthouses. For its differentiated spaces and its luminosity
They manage to create a spacious and spacious environment making the most of all its corners.
In both lofts and duplexes the decoration tends to differentiate
spaces creating, through furniture and light, different environments.
For example in a duplex, the walls below painted and those above
with exposed brick. A stylish piece of furniture under the staircase gives a touch
of elegance. An iron flown ladder can be implemented
with oak steps so that it does not visually obstruct the space
diaphanous. It is enough with a light and narrow railing that facilitates
the ascent only on one side. Both in duplexes and lofts, no
There must be a great profusion of furniture, to give greater prominence
to the architectural structure of the house. Furniture and objects, few and
Due to their spaciousness and luminosity, duplexes and lofts are the homes
most desired and quoted in cities.

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