Christmas at home

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Christmas at home, from our blog we give you some small tips to decorate your home

Christmas comes to our home and we open the doors to a decoration
Christmas that is distinguished by a Nordic pragmatism nuanced with
Details full of subtlety. The slogan of this Christmas
It is to maintain order without overloading space.
Get a natural heather crown unadorned or decorated only with
pineapples, and dress the windows of your house with them. On the doors, hang
Small mirrors with carved frame and a certain antique air. A key
it is in applying a clear basis; painting the walls in a soft
vanilla and just a few small ornaments to add a splash of color
to this pure atmosphere: light grays, ancient golds, vivid greens,
natural ochres and very vintage silvers.
Light up your home
Lighting has to be that magical “something” that, without being too obvious, gives personality to a space. On such dates
important and endearing as Christmas, lighting is one of
The most important factors to give your home that warm atmosphere that
We all look for our home, and that ours will appreciate in
Such familiar dates.
You have to look for a balanced lighting. In a house they have to live together
Three types of light, the general, which completely illuminates the room (light of
roof), the environmental, softer, which delimits zones and creates atmospheres
(lamps with shade) and the punctual, which offers a direct and focused light (fl exos of reading or lamps type focus).
Since what we want is to give a very warm atmosphere, at Christmas we do not
We must illuminate with the general light, the ceiling. So it will remain off. The simplest trick to light your house at this time
It is to use points of light, and these must be well distributed.
Christmas tree
The main element of Christmas decoration is the tree. There are different styles to decorate this tree.
The classic Christmas tree should be a pine or fir, if possible
Conical shape, planted in a large pot with thin soil. Once
Let’s have this, the most traditional details should not be missing; The Star
crowning the tree and the gifts at his feet. The branches should be full of colorful ornaments, but to obtain a classic decoration
They get great results using gold or silver motifs. Yes
We are able to generate the same chromatic scale with the ornaments
of the tree, we will have achieved a sober and very classic decoration.
A nice detail are the miniature gift packages, imitating
those who are really going to be placed under it on the night of the Kings
Mages, give a detail of classicism to any type of tree. We must not abuse colors, just as we have decided to
gold, silver or red in the decoration of ornaments, in the same way
We must do it with enlightenment.
The decoration of a children’s Christmas tree can be raised under
The need to try to get the smallest of the house to decorate it to their own
taste. The most important thing is that the little ones make the ornaments
with their own hands. They serve all kinds of things, from the drawings of the
school, going through their own dolls (teddy bears and rag dolls) and even reaching small plasticine ornaments or
Silver paper. Silver paper allows you to create in a very simple way
stars or small fir trees that can hang from branches. Also
The typical star of the cup can be made with any paper attached to a cardboard and colored in yellow.
For all those tired of the typical green Christmas tree,
We advise you to buy a synthetic one, of those folding that do not
They occupy nothing and can be used for successive years. Of this type can be found in various colors, we recommend gray or gold, although
There are also white ones that are very spectacular in their
decoration. Red, very Christmas color, offers very good results
to make an attractive decoration, but without missing
of sobriety. But if we really want to attract attention we can
do it with big ties tied to the branches.
The ties with Christmas motifs of
Any color and any size
They are very spectacular. There’s
ribbons to make ties of all
infinite color sizes,
motifs and materials.

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